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Sales Manager : +98 913 430 7009Email :

About us


GB stone complex started his mission by setting up its first company in 2005 at Mahmood Abad Industrial Park in the field of commercial products and processing raw stones and then planned his objectives by producing and processing of Granite, Travertine, and Marble stones.

This complex have been used modern and updated mechanisms and machines as well as employing domestic and foreign experience staff and hence, it’s become of the most prominent producers in Iran and maintain it through exporting ordered stones to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, surrounding and European countries.

At the present time, this complex produces Onyx, Travertine, Marble, and Traonyx in the form of slab and tile by the use of abundant inventory and thus become one the most powerful and superlative producers of stone in Iran.

GB Stone Tehran Exhibation

Iranian and Foreign stones inventory

The best collection of domestic and foreign luxurious stones


Exporting to European and surrounding countries

Regular exporting to European and surrounding countries

More than 2 decades of producing

This has been happened by the fully use of 3 companies capacities.