Iceberg stone is one of the most famous and oldest crystalline marble stones in Iran. This stone has a white background with irregular black and gray lines and sometimes yellow rays. In its weaker varieties, gray and yellow holes can be seen on the surface of the stone and it shows a gray appearance of the stone. From the quarries of this stone, various kinds of extraction works and different designs of this stone can be seen. Among white crystal stones, this stone has high quality and can be processed in different sizes. Due to the lines and patterns in the stone, beautiful book matches are made from it, which has doubled the beauty of the stone. Excellent polishing, low water absorption, high compressive strength along with the white background of Iceberg stone has made engineers and architects use this stone in their designs in different parts of the building. This beautiful building stone can be used in the paving of residential, commercial-office units, sanitary and internal and external facade. Iceberg white stone is usually processed as a slab and cut to the desired size of the customer.