Pietra Gray stone is one of the most popular dark marbles, which is mostly used in the facade and interior floor of the building. This stone is one of the most famous and best-selling natural stones in the world. Pietra Gray stone becomes grayish black with white rays after processing, which is the reason why it is used in special and luxurious designs in the interior, as floor stone, stepping stone, wall stone, and sanitary ware. 
One of the prominent features of Pietra Gray stone is low water absorption and high compressive strength. Pietra Gray stone is welcomed by local and foreign designers and manufacturers due to  its unique color background, and for this reason, it has a good market in local and international markets. Pietra Gray stone is processed in tile and slab dimensions with finishings such as polished, matte, bush hammer,  leather and tumbled. Also, this raw stone is exported to different countries.