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Sales Manager : +98 913 430 7009Main Office: +98 313 3800 777    English Version | نسخه فارسی | النسخة العربی


Unique Diversity and Rich Inventory

GB group constantly strive to supply and produce an outstanding and awesome collections of luxurious building stones such as marble, traonyx, onyx, travertine, and granite and this have to do with providing the rich inventory of raw mine stones to ensure the satisfaction of customers projects’ stones completely.

Quality, Innovation, and Appropriate Price

Utilizing the best materials as well as innovative methods in processing luxurious slab building stones is the final objective of GB complex.

direct Sell

direct sell with no side effect troubles will certify presenting of better services, appropriate prices, and high quality products in GB complex.


Collaboration with Architects and Designers

We are honored to have close collaboration with different architects and designers who regularly visited our companies in Esfahan and Tehran to buy their required stones.

Exporting Slab Stones

Having different stone mines, the best block of stones are collected and sent to our companies to be processed in order to produce final products with high quality and capability of exports.

Employing Experienced Expert Staff

In regard with high production capacity and rich inventory, GB complex have been employed an experienced and technical team to fully supply the demands of his customers throughout the whole seasons.

Why IS GB Group the First Choice?


GB group’s mines and stonecutting companies keep up with their customers by means of 15 years experiences and having 3 companies in Esfahan and 1 exhibition in Tehran. Our complex specially commenced his production in the field of slab manufacturing and continued this way by monopolizing the best stone blocks of the best stone mines which are thoroughly for exports purposes. According to our brilliant records and using high-quality raw materials, we definitely have succeeded to obtain the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Producing Luxurious Slab Stones with Different Measures
In regard with supplying the best exported blocks and having the varieties of mines, we produce perfect stones by using high-quality process.
Employing Experienced Expert Staff
Our priority is to employ well-trained and committed man-powers with the good deal of discipline in order to prepare remarkable products and services for our customers.
Modern Machines and Equipment
GB group have provided the best quality and advantageous products by means of utilizing modern machines and updated knowledge in the field of processing and cutting building stones.

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